Tuesday, May 3, 2011

where you fit in

thank you so much to everyone who downloaded FINCHES

it was a great honor to see how many of you are listening.

i gave the album away free for a reason though.

in the world of digital recording, online releases, and re-shifting record companies, people that write music and share it in this fashion bear the weight of promoting and distributing their music.

im learning that this takes quite a bit of effort.

i am so glad to have friends that listen, encourage, edit, and share my music. these people have more of an impact on why i write than i think they know. they are a prime example of how music like mine gets spread around as well. 

musicians like myself depend on friends like you. without you, no one hears what we write, record and share. you, our friends, are the critical link in the chain of our music being heard.

this, then, is a plea.
a plea for you to share our music.
a plea for you to let your friends know about the music we are making.

to make this easy for you, we release things free.
it takes money to make the music that gets into your stereo and headphones, but for me that money is not an investment i make in hopes of a monetary return. i make that investment hoping that you will download, listen and share the music i make. that's the only return that is important. eveything else flows from that i (maybe naively) believe.

there are lots of ways you can help myself and others like me.
spread the word by:

- link to the website on your blog/facebook/twitter from here.
- email your friends the link as well.
-"like" FINCHES on facebook
-"like" FINCHES on my website
- spread the word about this blog

we write because we like to engage.

please engage with our music by inviting others into the conversation.

if you've read this far, you are totally one of the dedicated people mentioned above.
let me know (in a message/email/tweet/facebook wall post) how you've spread the word about my music or someone else's and i'll give you some more free music...


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  1. So, I tried to post a comment, but something went wrong and it didn't work...? I dunno. Anyhow, your words are spot on, I downloaded the album, it's awesome, I'll be listening to it all day tomorrow at work, and I just linked you on my Facebook; I know you'd do the same for me.

    p.s. go "like" my new band and tell all your friends *wink wink*